Working Together for Our Schools

A right-wing organization, the Sunlight Policy Center, is attempting to sway our local election in Montclair.  The Sunlight Policy Center is a affiliated with the neo-conservative American Enterprise Institute (Dick Cheney, John Bolton and other right-wing figures are associated with AEI).  Their goal is push a corporate education agenda that is pro-charter school and pro-common core while attacking our public schools.  They have gone to great lengths to distort facts and influence our election.  

Here are the facts and my pledge:  

  1. Advocate for our public schools, while providing the best value for taxpayers.  Our students deserve a world-class education. I pledge to appoint independent members of the school board who share that vision.  To do that, I will seek input from a diverse cross section of the community as well as advice of those on the Council.  Members of the School Board are entirely independent from the Mayor and Council.  
  2. Appoint a capable member of the Board of School Estimate.  I have pledge to have someone serve in my stead on the Board of School Estimate.  The state statute provides the flexibility to do this.  As with the Board of Education, I will seek input from a diverse cross-section of the community as well as the counsel of my colleagues.

We could not have imagined the challenges that we are facing today with the coronavirus pandemic. By ensuring that Montclair is in a much stronger financial position while investing in priorities like more roads, upgrading more of our infrastructure, improving our parks and investing in our public libraries, pre-k and adult school, we will be able to more effectively weather this storm.  We've done this all while fighting for progressive policies at the local level, like mandatory paid sick leave and banning single use plastic bags.  

But, our work is far from over.  Strong leadership, progressive vision and sound management will be key in the coming months and years.  I am proud of our record and what we have accomplished.  We cannot let an outside organization--one that is bent on dismantling public education--divide us.  

- Sean Spiller