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Protecting the Montclair Ideal

Protecting the Montclair Ideal

Preserving Our Diversity

Diversity is at the core of what makes Montclair special. Our different backgrounds enhance our community and create the very fabric of the town we all love. Preserving our diversity requires continued commitment, not just in the abstract, but in action.

If Montclair becomes an enclave for only the few, our town will be permanently changed.

That's why I fully and unequivocally support common sense rent control legislation in Montclair. Working with my colleagues, residents and tenants' organizations, I look forward to moving expeditiously to enact legislation that will protect residents from unreasonable rent increases and protect our community from losing the diversity that makes Montclair so special.

As Mayor, I will remain steadfast in my commitment to protect Montclair and all that we stand for.

Financial Sustainability

We've reduced municipal debt, improved our bond rating and made critical investments in infrastructure while keeping taxes flat for the second year straight. 

Protecting the Environment

We fought to ban plastic bags in Montclair, to protect our environment for future generations and we'll continue to find ways to make Montclair greener and more sustainable. 

Fighting for Working Families

We worked to make Montclair a better place to live and work by passing mandatory paid sick leave.  

Standing Up to Donald Trump

We fought to make Montclair a sanctuary city and sent a message to DC that Montclair welcomes everyone and will continue to lead the way in making progress.