Montclair 2020 Team

Proven Progressive Leadership


The Montclair 2020 - Progress in Action team has a proven record of making progress for Montclair.  Now, more than ever leadership matters.  Together, we'll overcome our challenges and create an even brighter future for Montclair. 

  • Fighting for working families. Worked to make mandatory paid sick leave in Montclair a reality.
  • Protecting our environment. Passed a ban on single-use plastic bags in Montclair.
  • Making Montclair more financially sustainable. Reduced municipal debt and improved our bond rating while investing in our infrastructure, parks, pre-k, public library, and more.
  • Standing up to Donald Trump. Fought to make Montclair a sanctuary city and sent a message to DC that Montclair welcomes everyone.
  • Create a coronavirus recovery task force to help Montclair residents, businesses, and nonprofits get back on their feet.